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Frequently asked questions about the wine club at Mount Palomar Winery

Q: Why should we join your Family Wine Club instead of just buying wine as we need it?
A: In addition to the discounts on wine, purchases and events you will have “inside information” on our wines and special events, and you'll receive new released wines and wines produced only for members. It’s also great to attend “Member Only” events or use your complimentary tastings to have a great time without spending a fortune!

Q: Can I substitute a wine if I don’t like the wine in the shipment?
A: No. The shipment wines are pre-selected, pre-billed and pre-boxed and we cannot make substitutions. You can change the type of wine you receive (e.g., all red, all white, mixed) at any time before the 10th of a shipment month.

Q: When are Wine Club payments processed?
A: Payments are processed bi-monthly in the odd numbered months of January, March, May, July, September and November using the account information provided at sign-up. The shipment is ready for pick-up or to be shipped approximately mid-month. Shipped wine is sent via UPS ground and could take from 2 days to 2 weeks to arrive.

Q: What if I move or my credit card information changes?
A: Simply drop us an email or call us with your new mailing, shipping or credit card information. Changes to the shipping address after we have shipped will result in an additional fee for re-shipment. PLEASE NOTE: Changes made to on-line accounts are not communicated to the Wine Club. Please also notify us by phone or email.

Q: My wine is shipped. What should I do if I will be out of town or want to attend a pick-up party?
A: You may have a shipment delayed or held for any reason by calling us no later than the 10th of the affected shipping month. We will be happy to hold your wine for pick up at the party, or ship it to you when you are available to receive it.

Q: I am a pick up customer. How will I know when my wine is ready to be picked up at the winery?
A: An email is automatically sent to you the first weekday of the wine club month that includes the date wines are available for pick up, the date of our pick-party, and the day that shipping orders will be sent out. You can pick up your wine in the tasting room during regular business hours starting at the date included in the email. Shipments not picked up within 45 days of notification may be subject to substitution due to discontinued wines.

Q: What is a “Pick-up Party?”
A: A “Pick-up Party” is a fun way to meet fellow Wine Club members and learn more about the wines from winemaker, James Rutherford, while sampling foods paired with the wines.

Q: Can I have someone else pick up my wine for me?
A: Yes, simply call 951-676-5047 ext. 12 or email and let us know who will pick it up for you. We can also add a note to your file if someone else will always pick it up for you.

Q: How will you know if I refer someone to the Wine Club?
A: There is a “Referred by” line on the enrollment form. You will receive a letter announcing your 10% discount after the new member has been billed for his/her first shipment.

Q: Do I have to have my letter in order to receive my additional 10% referral discount?
A: Yes. You must present the letter to receive the additional discount.

Q: How long does my membership last?
A: Most of our members are happy with their memberships and stay with us for years. However, if you decide to cancel, you may do so at any time, provided you have received the minimum number of shipments (3), i.e., 6 months. Please note: Your account is not canceled until you receive confirmation of your cancellation.

Q: Can I give a Mount Palomar Wine Club membership as a gift?
A: Wine Club memberships are wonderful gifts that keep on giving and we recommend them for all occasions. Please complete the gift membership information on the application. Minimum gift membership is 3 shipments, i.e., 6 months.

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