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December 5, 2016 | Blog, Featured Wine, Wine Club | Mount Palomar Winery

November wine club shipment 2016

Every other month we send a shipment of 2 - 4 winemaker selected Mount Palomar Wines to our wine club members. If you've ever wondered what kind of wines club member's receive, here are the wines we sent out for November of 2016. If you'd like to start getting wine club shipments, as well as free wine tastings and discounts on wine and food, you can click here to join the wine club online. If you sign up by August 29th, you'll get this month's wine club shipment!

White Wine Club Shipment -

2013 Viognier, a new white wine release at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula!

#1 - 2013 Viognier - New Release!

Wine Club members receive the first chance to try newly released Mount Palomar Wines, including the first bottles of our 2013 Viognier! This dry white wine went out to both our white club and our mixed club. It's a wonderful example of this varietal that originated in Southern France and thrives in Temecula Valley.  The scents are sweet and distinctive of Arabian Jasmine, and honey with very prominent aromas of tropical rambutan fruit. The tastes are creamy with peach, Pippin Apple and exotic tastes of lychee and soursop. This is a creamy, dry (not sweet) wine with intense fruit elements that will pair well with poultry, pork, sea food and a broad array Asian dishes.

#2 - 2013 Dry Riesling

For the new 2013 Dry Riesling we chose to update and change the style of this wine to have no residual sweetness and include barrel aging.  These efforts were rewarded by the wine being medaled just prior to release.  The wine is fragrant with scents of pineapple, melon, pear and floral hints of jasmine.  The texture is smooth and silky in the mouth with delicate tastes of kiwi fruit, lychee, and Braeburn Apple.  Our Dry Riesling is great during any season, but is particularly refreshing during the summer months and pairs wonderfully with fish, poultry and soft cheeses.

Red Wine Club Shipment -

#1 - 2011 Sangiovese - New Release!

Another new release that went out to the wine club first! This Mount Palomar was the first grower of Sangiovese in the Temecula Valley and has planted seven unique clones.  The 2011Sangiovese is bottled under our Castelletto label and emphasizes the strong character of this unblended varietal. The wine has the classic varietal brick red hue with spicy aromas of anise, allspice, carnation and cherry.  The tastes are bright with raspberry, strawberry, lemon zest and deep with Italian Prune.  This wine is a favorite standard that is enjoyed by itself or paired with red meats, BBQ and pastas with red sauces.

Extended aging in a mix of French and American barrels.

#2 - 2014 Nouveau

Nouveaus, or Italian Novellos, represent the first wines to be released of a vintage.  Made famous by the French Beaujolais, Nouveau wines are fermented differently than other red wines.  These wines have the character of being lighter and brighter and emphasize the fruit elements.  Nouveaus are not intended for extended aging so enjoy them early.  The 2014 Nouveau is best when swirled and allowed to breathe a moment.  The nose is earthy giving way to scents of raspberry and plum with hints of gardenia. The wine has a soft tartness with bright tastes of raspberry, cherry and pomegranate.  This wine is very easy to pair with anything from poultry to red meat, is excellent with cheeses and is a perfect complement to Thanksgiving dinner.  It is also great slightly chilled when served on a hot day.

Sweet Wine Club Shipment -

#1 - 2014 Sangiovese Rose

We are well known for our Sangiovese Rose that we produce with just a slight sweetness balanced against crisp acid making this a bright and refreshing wine.

Our 2014 Sangiovese Rose is fragrant with scents of Newtown Pippin Apple, honeydew and hints of carnation.  The wine has prominent tastes of melon and strawberry with tangy tangerine.  Pair this wine with seafood, pork and poultry and soft cheeses.

#2 - 2013 Riesling (sweet)

The 2013 Riesling is well balanced, medium sweet and is a small scale ultra premium production of this type of wine.  The fruit was allowed to ripen to perfection and emphasize floral and tropical character.  The nose is bright with soft scents of jasmine and papaya. Tropical tastes of lychee, papaya and star fruit compliment apricot, peach and honey.  Serve chilled with soft cheeses, fresh fruit, Asian cuisine, white fish and poultry.

If you are not a wine club member, you can still buy some of these wines through our online store, just click here!  If you'd like to buy these wines at the discounted member price, or if you’d like access to our wine club exclusives, you can join the wine club online (just click here!) or by calling (951) 676-5047 ext. 12. Join today and you'll receive not just bimonthly shipments of wines, but also free tastings in the tasting room, 10% off food in Annata, exclusive sales and discounts on special events (like the upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner!) and more. Click here and sign up receive the next shipment!

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