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Mount Palomar Weddings
May 25, 2016 | Mount Palomar Weddings

Nicholas & Angela Real Wedding at Mount Palomar Winery


Cheers to Nicholas & Angela Stecher who were married on April 30, 2016! Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Such a great day filled with LOVE!

(You may recognize this photo from our Mother's Day special - it was so lovely, we had to use it again!)

If you're interested in having a wedding at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula, click here to download our online wedding brochure, or call 951.676.5047 ext. 17

Mount Palomar Winery
May 13, 2016 | Mount Palomar Winery

Video tour of Mount Palomar Winery!

Check out the beautiful new video tour of Mount Palomar Winery! It covers Annata Bistro/Bar, the special events area, and the tasting room.

Mount Palomar Weddings
May 11, 2016 | Mount Palomar Weddings

Aerial Wedding Photos at Mount Palomar Winery



Check out these aerial photos of our outdoor wedding venues! The birds eye view from the drone gives you a unique look at an outdoor winery wedding in the Southern California sunshine:

The full outdoor venue at Mount Palomar Winery, including the ceremony hilltop and the reception plaza

A great shot of the reception area, focusing on the bride and groom's table on the Vista Del Valle

The California sunshine over the bride and groom's table, just as the sun is getting ready to set

If you're interested in having a wedding at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula, click here to download our online wedding brochure, or call 951.676.5047 ext. 17

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Mount Palomar Weddings

Mother's Day Wedding Special


In honor of Mother's Day this coming weekend - we'd like to share some special mom moments from our weddings! Cheers to all the mothers!

If you're interested in having a wedding at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula, click here to download our online wedding brochure, or call 951.676.5047 ext. 17

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Mount Palomar Winery
May 2, 2016 | Mount Palomar Winery

March Wine Club Shipment - 2016

March is the second wine club shipment we send out every year (not counting the super secret Chateau club shipment), and wine club members received some delicious wines! Here's what we sent in March 2016: 

White Wine Club Shipment -

2012 Viognier - Fan Favorite! True to varietal this wine is perfumy, with deep floral scents of lily and violets complemented by fresh pear. With a soft feel in the mouth the flavors include hints of peach, Pippin apple and lychee, with a slight lemon bite on the finish.  Serve lightly chilled and pair with white sauces, poultry, pork, and stronger flavored seafood.

2013 Castelletto Cortese - Award winning wine! This wine has won two medals in wine competitions - a silver medal at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition, and a bronze at the Toast of the Coast Wine Competition. Mount Palomar Winery introduced this fine Italian variety to California in 1991. This Cortese is clean and well balanced, with a firm structure, citrus nuances, and the refreshing mineral quality of deep well water.  It's name means "courteous" in Italian and it does have a soft, gentle quality when the grapes are allowed to ripen fully.


We're sending out a new wine club shipment on May 23rd, sending 2 - 4 new Winemaker selected wines! if you want to receive the next round of delicious wine maker selected wines, then click here to sign up by May 17th!

Red Wines Club Shipment - 

2010 Quartet – Award Winning Wine! The 2010 Quartet is a Rhone Style blend using our estate grown Rhone varietals. Quartet is fragrant with earthy scents of leather, cherry, violets and licorice.  The flavors are complex with peppery tastes of plum, cherry mint, tobacco, and rose hip.  This is a medium bodied red wine that pairs well with beef, lamb and spicy BBQ.

2011 Petite Sirah - New release and a wine club exclusive! The 2011 Petite Sirah has soft scents of lavender, complimented by earthy spice and fresh cedar.  It is full in the mouth with firm tannins.  The tastes are of cherry black pepper with hints of vanilla balanced with mild citrus tang.  This is a robust wine so allow it to breathe a moment and swirl to release its’ full character. Great pairings include heavier dishes of beef, lamb and BBQ. 

If you love red wine, and you'd like to receive regular shipments of Mount Palomar Winery's reds, you can join the wine club online here - Just select Estate Club red for four bottles every other month, or Villa Club red to receive two. If you love both red and white wines and want to receive a mixed shipment, choose Villa or Estate club mixed. Sign up by May 17th to receive the May shipment!


Sweet Wines Club Shipment - 

2 Bottles of Solanus - New Release! Solanus is sold in 1/2 size bottles, so two bottles were included to keep wine club members from being shortchanged. Solanus is our late harvest style dessert wine made from Palomino grapes.  This is a heavily fragrant wine with prominent scents of butterscotch and carnations. The wine is smooth with syrupy tastes of Barlett Pear, passion fruit and quince.  This wine can be served either cold to bring forward fresh elements with a lighter sweetness or at room temperature for heavy robust concentrated flavors. 

2013 Cinsaut Blush -  Fan Favorite! Our 2013 Cinsaut Blush is a continued tradition of creating fine rose wines at Mount Palomar.  Our Blush is slightly sweet, well balanced with natural fruit acids, and is easy a smooth, easy to drink wine.  The scents are bright with pear and peach.  This wine has a soft feel in the mouth with distinctive tastes of tangerine, peach grapefruit, and rose, with a light tart finish.  Enjoy chilled and pair with seafood, poultry and dishes with sweet-hot spicing.

If you are not a wine club member, you can still buy some of these wines through our online store, just click here!  If you'd like to buy these wines at the discounted member price, or if you’d like access to our wine club exclusives, you can join the wine club online (just click here!) or by calling (951) 676-5047 ext. 12. If you only want to receive sweet wines, make sure to select Villa Club sweet or Estate Club sweet during checkout. Click here and sign up by May 17th to receive the next shipment!

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