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Mount Palomar Winery
November 9, 2015 | Mount Palomar Winery

The 4 Best Wines to Buy for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time when you stop to remember all of the things that you’re grateful for, like friends and family, the end of a hot summer, and delicious California wines. If you’ve gotten through the family fight about who hosts Thanksgiving, who’s manly enough to carve the turkey, and how much pie is too much pie, and then realized you forgot the wine – don’t panic! It isn’t too late to get wine for Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for a holiday drink, here are our recommendations:

Brut Sparkling Wine – Sparkling wine is classic for all celebrations, and the slight sweetness is just enough to keep up with a solid Thanksgiving dinner

2013 Riesling – If you want to save the bubbly for dessert, try a Riesling with dinner – soft, sweet, floral and fruity, it’ll work well with the turkey and all of the trimmings

Solera Cream Sherry – The ultimate dessert wine, it’s creamy, sweet, caramel in a cup, and is just as good with pumpkin pie as it is with ice cream

2010 Artist Series Meritage – an American wine for an American holiday! BONUS: it’s on sale! For big families with big appetites, get 6 or more bottles for 40% off! If you'd like more information about Meritage (where does that name even come from?) you can find out more in our blog write up - 5 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Meritage Wine

Order online and have it shipped directly to you, or to get it even faster, pay up front and pick up in the winery. You can also order by calling 951.676.5047

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