Welcome to our Mount Palomar Winery Blog!

Check back weekly for a new blog post from members of our team. Whether it’s a post on outdoor wedding etiquette, wine education, recipes from the kitchen or a message from our winery dog, Milo, we’ll always have something fun in store for you.

With that said, our first post is not only a welcome message to you, but a special announcement. Drum roll please…If you are reading this than you are on our brand-new Mount Palomar Website!!

This has been in the works for quite some time and it’s finally here. Now you’ll be able to get the information you want about everything MPW instantly and at your fingertips. We have created this site to be as welcoming, user-friendly and interactive as possible. Please, check it out and scroll away! Most importantly, your feedback matters, because you matter. Our wine club members and guests are what make MPW such an enjoyable experience, so please feel free let us know what you think and how we’re doing.

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